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A Luxury Hotel You Need To Visit – The Boise Hotel

Posted by on Jan 7, 2017 in Hotel | 0 comments

Finding the best luxury resort might be tiresome, but it is most definitely worth it. Once you find not the place you deserve or can afford, but the hotel which you most definitely need, this is when the things change. If you are planning to stay in a luxury hotel anytime soon, make sure you continue reading, as we will show you the best hotel which you can imagine – The Boise Hotel.

Why The Boise Hotel Is Different

First of all, there are numerous luxurious hotels, but that is not to say they all offer the same quality or that you will be able to find what you need just because you are paying for it. In case you have been wondering how and why the Boise Hotel is different from this lot, you have come to the right place.

Customized Services

First of all, a luxury hotel does not necessarily mean luxury all around, roses and ornaments. Rather it is centered on the client, and it strives to give them a customized service they deserve and desire. This is why people choose hotels which can offer customized service over hotels that just offer luxury.


It goes without saying that the best hotels offer luxury. Just, with the Boise Hotel it is not what is central to what we have to offer to people who stay at our hotel. We are more preoccupied with having all the facilities you can imagine or need. Some people would consider this more than luxurious. Also, all the facilities and elements are of top quality which also contributes to our outstanding reputation.

Best Location Ever!

If asked to describe a perfect location, the majority of people would choose something which seems impossible, such as to be in the city center and away in nature at the same time. So close and so remote at the same time. This is exactly what our hotel has achieved. We are located near the city, yet the location is peaceful and quiet, and on the outskirts of the city, we offer the best from the both worlds. We are also prepared to transport you any time of day and night wherever you want to go. This is what customized service is all about. We are at disposal for our clients 24/7 during their stay with us, whatever they need.

Events And Organization

In case you want to organize an event, we offer complete service. Not only will you be able to have your meetings in our meeting rooms, but also you will be able to attend events and organize a stay for everyone involved. Rather, we will organize it for you. You just have to pick a date. From weddings to corporate meetings and organized company holidays we are open to everything you can throw at us. So, just make sure you contact our PR service and say what you want and what you need.

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Hotel booking mistakes and how to avoid them – The Boise Hotel tips and tricks

Posted by on Dec 30, 2016 in Hotel Booking | 0 comments

Being many years in this business we’ve been whiteness to many failures when people book an accommodation and fail. Usually, the smallest details cost them the most money. At least nowadays has become so easy to book a hotel room. Using the Internet and third parties’ websites, you can compare the services and the prices. Most of these websites rate every hotel and they also post pictures, so you will have a close look how they rooms look. We have prepared the list of things you should avoid when booking a hotel room.

You don’t know when to book

Most people decide to make a hotel reservation at the peak of the season. Prices during that period are extremely high. Also, travelers tend to go on tropical destination during the winter months. This can pay off if you book your hotel at least a few months earlier. But, if you are waiting for the last moment, then this is a wrong decision that will save costly big money. The best time to book a hotel room is between 6 pm and 9 pm on Tuesday night. The practice has shown that prices can go much higher until the Saturday and we are talking here about the same week.

You think that you got the best deal

This is a rookie mistake, and many travelers make it. The best way to find out that you got the best price is to compare the services and the prices. In cases when you already know the hotel you are staying in, do a little research on the web. Maybe some other website will offer you some promotions and discounts, which can significantly reduce the price of your staying. Also be aware of hidden costs, some hotel may promote low prices, but it may charge you some additional services. When choosing a hotel, pay attention to everything and always start from your needs. What is free and what are you required to pay.

Overlooking the obvious things

To save the money, you might be tempted to book a hotel room that is a bit distant from your desired location. But, what happens every day when you have to pay a transportation to get to a downtown. And instead of saving the money, you will increase your costs. This can result in cancellation and a rebooking fee.

Neglecting costumers’ reviews

Many people don’t have a habit of reading costumers’ reviews, but this is a very rich and powerful source of information. In them, you will find everything that hotel is trying to hide from you. Many people state their honest opinion in these reviews. Here you can find the photos of the hotel, as well as the room. You can see in what state they are, even thou they are polished on their website. For further information, you can contact this website; they have a lot of tourists renting their yachts, and they also leave an honest review about nearby hotels.

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