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Hollywood Florida Movers – Professional Suggestions For Moving

Posted by on Jul 31, 2017 in Moving | 0 comments

Moving to a new home stands for a new beginning in your life which means things will change positively. Still, the very process of moving is very exhausting, takes a lot of planning and thinking and can be stressful at times. Hollywood Florida Movers prepared a short guide for you so you could minimize the stress, effort, and thinking. They are professionals in this job for more than 10 years which means their knowledge and experience are valuable and should be followed to achieve the best possible results.

Put sheets and towels together with fragile items

It is the most common mistake people do due to lack of thinking and organizing skills. Instead of separating towels and sheets in a separate box, you can put them inside the box with fragile items. In this way, you will keep your fragile items intact, and you will not need to buy bubble wraps to cover the items and prevent them from being broken. It is the first crucial step that mentioned professionals suggest since you will not need an additional box for towels – you kill two birds with one stone.

Color system is a must have

This trick is not so important at first, but imagine that you have 50 boxes ready to be unpacked, but you don’t know where to start? You should pick the color for each room/part of your apartment so that you could save yourself some time. The blue color is usually for items that go to the bathroom, yellow is for the kitchen, green for a living room and white for the bedroom. In this way, you will not get stuck unpacking the items that go to the other side of the apartment. As they say – it is all about order.

Pack Your Stuff Properly And Neatly

Be patient and take some time for packing your things in order. Do not pack plates along with statue or personal gifts for example since you will get lost eventually and you will lose something. For example, when you pack your clothes, do not take them off the hanger. Instead, you can tie several hangers with a rope and put a bag over them. When you start unpacking, you will not lose time on reorganizing winter and summer clothes – everything will be like it is in your dresser in the old apartment. You just need to put the clothes in the dresser and separate it by the seasons.

Hollywood Florida Movers also say that items like images, framed photos and mirrors should be packed separately in different boxes since they can sometimes break even though protected with bubble wraps. In their long-time experience, they say that many accidents happen due to lack of organization and order. For that reason, you can hire them to organize even packing your items. It is a bit expensive if you want them to pack everything up and move but you will be much more relaxed and calm. You could say that a new beginning is a bit pricey but worth.


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